How we work

We accept applications and requests from non-profit organizations, municipal entities and individuals (trustees of the orphanages or charitable foundations)
Below are some characteristics that we consider when we select and compose groups:

  • An institution or an organization fails to arrange holiday trips by their own means
  • An applicant (an administrative authority or a non-governmental organization) can provide co-funding for holiday programs
  •  There are medical indications for sun and thalassotherapy
  • An applicant is ready to shoulder responsibility for preparation of the international passports and other documents required to travel abroad

What we do to make a holiday trip happen:

  • We cover the costs of the international passport application services (if an applicant is unable to pay for himself/herself)
  • We provide assistance in visa procurement
  • We sponsor accommodation in the hotels and camps (booking and financial backing)
  • We provide airline tickets
  • We provide transfer from the airport to the holiday sites
  • We organize a variety of entertaining activities
  • We give children gifts

We are working hard to create a better world for children. Our photographers do their best to make pictures, which the children can take back home as a keepsake of a great time that they have spent during their vacations.

We watch the lives of our friends changing after the holidays, as we stay in touch with all groups that have participated in the "Let's Go to the Seaside!" program.